I would have concerns about how public the blog site will be. Most of
the things we do that are part of an academic class, we try to do in
protected settings. For example, rather than have a teacher setup a
discussion board on an open off-site server, we would set up a board
that would be accessed only by the students participating in the class.
There are some risks that you incur when you have students blogging, as
they may very well post personal information that becomes part of a
public record. If something happens as a result of this, and it is
traced back to your required educational activity, I suspect that there
might be a few lawyers out there who would start licking their chops at
the idea of treating themselves to some tasty morsels from your

Several years ago, I was team teaching a journalism class and was
involved in a parent lawsuit regarding a story that involved a composite
character that the parent thought resembled his daughter.  It was an
ugly and almost ludicrous legal action that was partially based on the
fact that students could take the newspaper home and thus it found its
way into the general community. Suffice it to say that the school gave
up a not-insignificant amount of money to settle the case.


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"When we study music, we practice... because there is no other way to
become a musician. Neither can we become engineers by just studying a
textbook, because practical experience is needed to correlate the
so-called theory with practice." Charles Franklin Kettering

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we are planning to set up several blogs to use with students as
discussion forums. 

What blogging sites would the experts around the state recommend for
with high school students and elementary students.

Any recommendations would be appreciated,
Gabi Martino
Technology Integration Specialist
Rivendell Interstate School District
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