I personally would recommend filtering at the firewall. Sonicwall
firewalls have content filtering subscriptions you can use and it is
easy to manage and is updated frequently. For small networks that don't
know how to manage the software packages like Dans Guardian or can't
afford to hire their own tech people this option is very easy to

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I'm a LMS at two small VT elementary schools and both schools are
interested in purchasing internet filtering software for Macs.  I would
GREATLY appreciate some advice on various softwares. Neither school has
a server and one is on system 9.2 and the other is on 10.2.8. I know
that there are various issues with time management and control.  We do
not have a tech person at our school or on a district level so I need a
program that is easy to manage.  We tried Dans Guardian at one school
and really disliked it. Again, I'd appreciate some suggestions on what
might work for us.

                                                           Thanks, Ava

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