I "third" or "fourth" that.
Walden School (preK-8, 110-120 students; 20% FTE tech - me) has used a low-end Sonic Wall filter for a couple of years. It has been painless. I've had no requests in about 2 years from faculty about specific sites they wanted unblocked. I edited the blocking screen text so that my name and contact information appear. The school library is also the town library. I told the town-person responsible for the town library's 2 Gates computers that I could show them how to get around the filter, should it be needed. He has never asked.

Someday I may get around to setting up a linux server running free software to replace or supplement the SonicWall. But 20-25% time makes that difficult.

Neil Manders wrote:
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I would have to agree with David on this one. As much as I hate the idea
of having to purchase the Sonicwall and then pay (after the first year) a
yearly subscription fee, I have to say that it works and meets CIPA
requirements. A non-technical person, with minimum training, can do a
fairly good job at maintaining and minor changes that might be needed in
regards to specific sites or special needs.
We are using this solution in about 7 of our 8 elementary schools all of
whom do not have any regular techie installed.

School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> on
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 8:47 AM +0000 wrote:
I personally would recommend filtering at the firewall. Sonicwall
firewalls have content filtering subscriptions you can use and it is easy
to manage and is updated frequently. For small networks that don't know
how to manage the software packages like Dans Guardian or can't afford to
hire their own tech people this option is very easy to manage.

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I'm a LMS at two small VT elementary schools and both schools are
interested in purchasing internet filtering software for Macs.  I would
GREATLY appreciate some advice on various softwares. Neither school has a
server and one is on system 9.2 and the other is on 10.2.8. I know that
there are various issues with time management and control.  We do not
have a tech person at our school or on a district level so I need a
program that is easy to manage.  We tried Dans Guardian at one school and
really disliked it. Again, I'd appreciate some suggestions on what might
work for us.