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I appreciate this post, as I have been considering machines built on AMD vs.
Intel for our next round of purchasing.

List: Could anyone out there share specific positive (they last more than 3
years) or negative (significant failures before three years) experience with
AMD processors and "less expensive" boards on name-brand machines (HP, for
instance)? Or do most of us stick with Intel?

Eric Hall
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury/Duxbury Schools
Washington West Supervisory Union
Waterbury, VT

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> AMD longevity.........     I do not believe that there is a longevity issue
> with AMD.  I believe that the issue is the industries not the chips.  In the
> last 5 to 8 years if you were getting an AMD machine someone was trying to
> build something as cheaply as possible.  Trying to produce a computer as cheap
> as possible, lead to using the cheapest power supplies and cooling fans.  In
> trying to help the market achieve the cheapest computer, motherboard
> manufacturers made some dirt cheap motherboards.  The only way to get the
> price of motherboards down as low as possible would be to use low-end parts in
> assembling the boards.  These 3 components are the most important when
> speaking of the longevity of a machine. Poor cooling and power being supplied
> to computers is the biggest reasons for a computer to feel over time and this
> will be compounded if the mother board has insufficient components such as
> capacitors installed on it.
> All in all I think that a well built AMD machine will perform and last just as
> long as an Intel machine.  The only problem I think we may run into on this is
> that there will be very little savings at best.