I support both Windows CE devices and Palms or Palm clones here at BUHS.

We have quite a few folks who've switched from Palms to Windows CE
devices, and loved them, but then, they usually went from older Palm
models with B/W screens and not much in terms of connectivity features to
CE devices with bluetooth and Wifi built in, color screens, etc, so who
wouldn't prefer them?  Windows CE does recognize native handwriting which
is less awkward than using graffiti, I'll concede that much.

Folks who use Windows CE around here usually synchronize them to Outlook,
even though we don't use Outlook for mail, we use First Class.  But they
like the Outlook calendar and contacts list.  I, on the other hand, use
the First Class Palm sync conduit, and synch my calendar and contacts to
First Class, which is real handy if I happen to forget my Palm device at
home, which I sometimes do.  

Here's the gotcha with First Class and Windows CE devices, though.

At this point in time, you cannot sync your First Class calendar to a
Windows CE device, as far as I know.  I've been told that will be coming
in First Class 8.3, which is a ways down the road.  You can sync your
First Class mail to a Windows CE device using POP, the one thing to watch
for is that depending on settings, this might clear the FC red flags,
which some folks don't like.  If you have connectivity to the FC server,
you can see your schedule on the server using the web interface (warning,
I've never tried this, it's just what I've been told.), but that seems to
me a poor alternative to using the calendar that's native to the device

My personal recommendation?  I love my Kyocera 7135, which is both a
cellular flip phone and a Palm device.  Folks take a look at it and say,
"gee, that's a big cell phone" (It's about 3" tall, 2" wide, and 1"
thick), but when I show it them and say, "yeah, but it's also my Palm
Pilot", they get wide eyed and say, "cool!".  They go for about $500
retail, I think, but I got mine on e-bay used for just a bit over $100. 
The only downside is the battery is only good for a day or so if I leave
the cell phone on all the time, so I have to remember to dock it every
night.  But you said you don't need a phone...

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Monday, March 13, 2006 at 9:15 AM +0000 wrote:
>I am in the market for a good hand held device for personal use.   
>I generally use both PC and Mac... would like one that can sync wirelessly
> (probably most do now)..
>Don't need a phone, don't really want one that is Blackberry-ish.. don't
>need that much gizmo to it...
>reliable, works well with First Class... some decent features, etc.   
>Any recommendations?
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