a follow up from my previous post. I can't link directly to the original post on the main 'school-it' list b/c it requires viewer to be logged in, so here is the text edited a bit for brevity.


ACTEM:Assoc. of Computer Technology Educators of Maine

"... Through the magic of Linux one
can put an entire "usable" OS on a Thumbdrive complete with word
processing programs, multimedia programs, spreadsheets....etc.  and more.
And it's actually quite easy! 

The SLAX one was
easy to create....you download the ISO file from SLAX and then use another
program called MySLAX Creator (Windows program) to copy the necessary bits
for SLAX over to a USB thumbdrive.  Very easy. 

OR....my personal favorite
is Puppy Linux.  You simply download the ISO...burn the CD (it's a Live
Linux CD)....boot your computer using the CD (remember Live CD"s run
entirely from the CD....they don't harm your system at all)....then in the
Start Menu...there is an item called "Setup" and in there is an item for
installing to a USB thumbdrive....just follow the prompts.  The cool thing
is ...once you boot one up you can make changes and customize and then
simply clone the USB thumbdrive to many others with all the new settings.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School"