take a look at TypeFaster (  Open source so it is free.

I have tried several programs in different elem schools I have found that i liked TypeFaster the best.
TTL - Nice, Graphical, and i have no complaints
Mavis - I never liked the software or the way it worked
TypeFaster - non-flashy simple to use typing program, that can be easily customized to use with spelling words and other.  Also designed as a networkable program.  Oh and it is FREE, which means that students can install it at home if they would like.

I am currently using TypeFaster at Proctor Elementary school, and the teachers have like it very much.

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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
Dear List:
I have installed the program it runs fine for me as an admin, but not as a regular user. This despite giving all required access (and then some) to the folders on the network. I have already seen the suggestions from Riverdeep and have yet to get any useful email responses from them.

If anyone could be of help, I would appreciate it.
Checked this previous post out, didn't find any help too bad the instructor didn't like TTLjr.
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