To respond to the ablation mapping. The LSV and SSV are mapped in the same 
manner as if you where performing a by pass mapping. The tributaries are 
also marked.Then in the standing position with a turniquet all bulges and 
varicosities are circled with marker. 

The protocol is the GSV is marked about 2cm from its junction or CFV, to 
keep the circumflex open and not to ablate the CFV. The GSV is ablated 
first then the bulges are stripped. Same thing with RF or Foam. LSV is 
oblated then its bulges. 

There is a very informative seminar in Miami in April. IVC ( International 
Vein Convention) and it is all about venous ablations and techniques which 
I will be attending to take part in a seminar. I dont have the IVC web 
address of hand, but if you google it I am sure you will find it. Check 
out the seminar, and if you need anything else let me know, " vein map 
sheet" or other wise. 


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