Personal preferences or procedures aside, I believe there was an article published several years ago which studied this and they found that as long as the angle was 60 degrees or less, there was no clinically significant difference in velocity between using the angle of the flow jet or parallel to the vessel wall.  That the velocities may vary somewhat, but that it did not change the category of stenosis in any of the cases they studied.


I am sorry that I can’t remember the reference, but am sure you could find it if you did a reference search or googled it.




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Hi all resident gurus. 

 I need a favor, rather a question answered for me.  When doing your doppler recordings, is the sample volume to be placed in the center of the stream, parallel to the vessel wall at 60 degrees or is it center of the flow jet (highest velocity recorded) parallel to the flow channel regardless of the angle?  I know what I was taught and it seems there are varying opinions out there.  We are running about 2-2 in my lab right now.  My textbooks are all from the late 90's but i need to be able to bring back all information to the doctor in question, so if you could also provide references it would be much appreciated.




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