Dear Jason,
In order to bill insurance, you must first obtain a provider number from Medicare, usually about a 5 month process if you meet their requirements and specifics. You must meet certain criteria, among which includes that the studies must be performed by a registered tech and supervised by a physician who is certified in reading vascular ultrasound studies.
The need for different vascular studies exists ( e.g., lower extremity venous and arterial) largely for in-patients who cannot normally transport easily to a vascular lab and for whom a bedside exam would prove valuable. Keep in mind that you are not the first person to recognize the need and won't be the last but. Those are but only a few of the uphill challenges; not insurmountable but there are many add'l facets to research before launching into business. I suggest taking several months to explore a written business plan and due your homework before committing capital or quitting your day job. There are contracts given by local hospitals but you would need to gear up with equipment, vehicles, insurance, legal & accounting guidance, working capital and available techs to perform the studies. 
Understand that this kind of launch is usually the workings of an existing capitalist with many resources to investigate the market and with the financial liquidity to put it on it's feet right away. 
I hope I haven't poured too much water on your idea, so to speak, and I applaud your entrepreneurial dreams. Keep asking questions and doing your homework. There's a lot of folks out there that can help you get answers about going into business for yourself. You can talk with S.C.O.R.E. (Service Corp of Retired Executives) and get free advice from professionals---highly recommended by most people who are familiar with them. Just remember to temper your zeal with prudence and due diligence. That's the balance you need to move forward.
Al Russo
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> Could anyone please give me some insight into starting my own Mobile
> Vascular, or other wise business, drawback, ect..
> I would specifically like to know about the billing from a non-reader,
> general practioner that could possibly convey business. "Basicaly what is
> in it for them?" If they can not bill for the professional component can
> they bill for the referral.
> Thanks all,
> Jason
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