Are you sure you don't mean duplex (color Doppler imaging) vs blind (gated or pulsed Doppler)? 
Assuming those are the choices and you can budget for the color Duplex, I'd go with the color and get a blind probe as a back up (these are a fraction of the cost of a phased array transducer)  for thick skulls.
The time and certainty gained with the adjuct of imaging is well worth it.

On 3/21/06, Bill Beymer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
I have done both and I have to vote for CW doppler.  There are certainly challenges associated with both, but we have had very good success following vasospasm patients in the last few years with the CW approach.  As far as units go, there is a system called RiMed that looks like it has everything needed and a very compact design.  I have not actually seen one yet but have looked at the web site and some literature and plan to demo it in the future.  The contact for it is Paul Nelson at Axiom medical (800-921-9782).
just my $.02 worth.
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For those of you who perform TCD testing, what is the consensus… duplex or continuous wave doppler?  If duplex, can you recommend a unit?  Thank you.


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