Sounds like the habitat is correct. Here is a link that might help you:


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I am hoping that someone on this list will be able to give some advice. 
 Since moving to this farm several years ago I have been looking for 
Kestrals  to no avail.  It seems to me that the habitat is perfect...... 
lots of open fields.  Probably 20+ acres.  I have thought of putting up 
a Kestral house but considering the trouble it would be to put one up 
I'd like to be a bit more sure that my habitat is right.  Can anyone 
give me some habitat guidance?

So, if my habitat is Kestral friendly does anyone have plans for a 
Kestral house?  The only one I know of is mounted on a telephone pole in 
the meadow behind Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA.   
 Quite frankly the thought of rounding up a telephone pole and then 
trying to put it up is a bit daunting.  Plus,  having it up so high 
would make it near impossible to clean.

There must be a better way!!