Staying the course...6-12" with up to 18" possible across the spine.  QPF 
has been fairly consistent and BTV's discussion about warm/mild/stable air 
being wrapped into the region is valid.  However, while we may not see the 
explosive snowfall rates of some upslope events, duration is on our side 
and so are upper level dynamics.

12z RUC brings snow into northern NY and northern VT around 4pm this 
afternoon in what looks like a band of snow showers and squalls to begin 
with.  Snow will likely be more widespread tonight across the north country 
with some accumulation likely on the VT side of the Champlain Valley due to 
Champlain Valley convergence and lake enhancment.  Still feel northern 
Addison County (Sugarbush and Mad River Glen) will need to be watched for 
enhancment from Lake Champlain in the beginning of the event before airmass 
modifies.  12km ETA shows higher moisture values off the lake into that 

Tonight snow is heavy at times across the Adirondacks and Green Mountains.  
It will come in pulses depending on meso-scale wind maximums and 500mb 
energy.  Jet energy looks very favorable in the front left quad producing 
ample upper level divergence tonight.  850mb frontogensis is strong along 
the Green Mountain spine overnight and even through the day tomorrow.  I 
think while it might not come down exceptionally hard, 1"/hr rates are 
likely at times and models keep favorable conditions for upslope snow 
lasting through even Sunday in the northern Greens.  It might not stop 
snowing at Jay Peak till sometime on Monday as the upper level low is cut 
off and not going anywhere soon.  All depends on how much maritime moisture 
can be wrapped into the system and how long it can sustain itself. 

Pay attention to the wind.  At Stowe, Gondola and Quad are on wind hold 
with only the triple getting you part way up Mansfield (looks like all high 
speed lifts are open on Spruce and I've heard that this year they've been 
able to keep those lifts running even during high wind 
events)...Sugarbush's report says 2 of 16 lifts are open with only the 
Sunkid and Welcome Mat open whatever they are.  Jay's report says 8 of 8 
lifts open with relatively light winds which I find interesting with a 
60mph low level jet.  MRG and Smuggs look in full lift operation which says 
something about fixed grip chairs...

I have a feeling the high speed lifts at SB/Stowe(Mansfield but Spruce 
might be fine)/Jay might not turn till Sunday so plan accordingly.


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