Bar none the deepest powder I have ever skied, ever, ever.  East or West.  
Words cannot describe the quality and quantity of the fresh snow that fell 
on Mount Mansfield last night and throughout the day.  It snowed all day 
and will keep snowing in some form or another overnight.  

The Quad and Gondi were down all day.  I like it that way, it means the 
powder can't get tracked out.  With the double open occasionally through 
the morning into the early afternoon (closed more than open, however) we 
were able to get high up on the mountain and then hike for 10 minutes to 
the Octagon.  From there, it was deep.  Incredibly deep.  I'm not talking 
inches, I'm screaming feet.  Likely 20-30" on top of a 5 foot base on the 
top third of the mountain.  

I am 6'2" and wasn't hitting bottom at times.  Dave is 6' tall.  We aren't 
short people.

I hope you brought your snorkel.

The mountain would try to swallow you.  Its hard to make turns and not 
feel the bottom until the snow is up to your chest.

Check out this video clip in the Goatdive woods...

Video Clip of Dave dropping a rapidly shrinking icefall:

Landings were deep today.

Dave in a Bypass Chute:

Drool away.


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