i've been looking around for an old chairlift to purchase- a double or a 
triple maybe.  a single would be cool.  just the chair- not a complete lift. 
   wanna put them away, and hang em in a barn loft for seating in my 
gathering room someday.  haven't been able to find any on the 'net.

how much do old chairlifts run?  i remember they auctioned off k-ton double 
a couple years back, but i'm sure you could get some for next-to-nothing if 
they're rusty and gone.  anyone got any ideas?  do i have to go to some lost 
ski area with some wrenches and my pickup on a middle of the night stealth 
mission?  kidding.

it would be nice to sit in em during the summer or what not.  hang em from a 
beam in the barn or a tree outside and just dangle there, enjoying a nice 
cool beverage.

let me know.

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