Jonathan wrote:
>See my post about 02-28-06 at Alta. Lower elevations didn't fair so
>well, and it was thundering and lightning in SLC. Lots of bad car
>accidents on the drive from Alta to the airport that evening.

It was needlessly exciting in Sandy yesterday afternoon, with a 
classic spring-time storm pattern. We got almost an inch of pea sized 
hail in about 10 minutes. I was waxing a pair of skis in the garage 
when a strike came down in the backyard across the street. The second 
strike took out a telephone pole about 5 houses away, along with our 
power. One of the few times I heard the static crackling of a strike 
during an electrical storm. The third strike hit the metal chimney on 
a house below us several hundred yards away, bringing out the fire 
department. Our power outage was relatively short, but the ground 
surge scrambled all our electronics. Nothing fried, but it forced a 
hard reboot and resetting of anything digitally controlled - 
computers, microwave, receiver, DVR, furnace, tankless hot water 
heater, security system, etc.


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