I am amazed that anybody was able to hit an all time high in ski  
days this season (without heading west).

	  Due to the forecast and hubby doing his civic duty at town  
meeting, I decided to visit Spruce and finally try the "new" Main  
Street and the Big Spruce replacement lift.   What a perfect day for  
that.   Not quite total spring skiing, but almost.  Wanted to get to  
Spruce "just incase" things go downhiill fast.

	Views from that trail are spectacular.  For what management is  
billing as "family" mellow or whatever, Main Street struck me as  
having more than a bit more pitch than the Gondola runs.  That said  
it was groomed to perfection and had a wide western feel to it, along  
with various tree island splits to keep it interesting.    I doubt  
that au natural Sterling will survive another thaw/rain cycle.  It  
was a bit thin in spots.

	Bumped into some people I know and had some pleasant runs on the  
narrower lower original "natural" Spruce trails which are less sun  
exposed and doing fine compared to Sterling.   I hear they may put  
snowmaking on Sterling.  I have mixed feelings about that, but can  
understand why this might happen, esp after a season like this one  
has been.  It will probably mean widening the trail -- YUK.

	 Sunday at MRG was nice too, but the cold winds were not nice and  
the trail scour wasn't nice either.  Oddly, skiing at MRG the first  
time before the recent big snowfalls actually seemed to feature  
better snow, esp at Birdland.   It was far less crowded too.  Boy did  
the weather and recent snow bring out the mobs!!   A totally  
different place.




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