March 4th. I get it. The day the lifts were closed. No skiing and
riding today. No way. Too windy. Ha.
March 4th. After a 20 minute line-up at Castlerock, cranking turns in
thigh deep drifts on Middle Earth. Nice. And again. Then a 40 minute
wait at Super Bravo made pleasant as we ran into list-lurker Dave
Williams and su Suzie, and Paul, a most interesting character.
March 4th. Across the Long Trail to a lightly tracked Paradise,
un-served by lift except foot-powered, or for a few lucky patrollers
perhaps by snow machine.
March 4th. Back to the trusty Castlerock lift, unhindered by the
winds, it ran all day.

March 4th. Tired now. No more reebs. Sleep.

March 5th. Stowe for lift-accessed hike-to? Or Sugarbush for more?

- Bruno

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