First off, it was great to run into M1 and M2 as well as J. Kamien. I wish I had more time to hang and maybe make some turns with the Utah plaid connection.


This will be brief with just a couple links to photos. More will come later as I work through the footage.


First three days at Snowbasin – love it!

Fourth day in the Wolverine Cirque – probably the best skiing ever!

Fifth and sixth days rippin’ around Alta hitting all the local stashes thanks to friends.


Photos: - part of the crew on Baldy. - Alex (ex pro) rippin the secret chutes - Trey (ex pro) dropping into sweet Snowbasin pow. - Alex loving the Basin! - Superior - Alex patiently waiting for the “go ahead” - some of the stuff we skied in the WC.


Due to the amount of filming we did I didn’t have a lot of time to take photos. The day we hit the WC I was planning on taking a ton of photos. As my luck would have it the batteries crapped out as soon as we skinned in, pissa! Look for some great video clips over the next couple of weeks.


Overall the trip was great. Lots of snow, although not much for new. Tons of sun. Hook up all over the place including a free three bedroom 2 story condo and the Lodge at Snowbird! Needless to say it will be an annual visit from this crew going forward. Got to hang and ski with Chad Z, who’s responsible for Chad’s Gap. He’s a great skier and a great cook.


Well back to reality – work and east coast skiing!



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