Patrick wrote:
>Maybe it was a self-reported tendency by Marc1.

I don't remember any particular comments in recent years about my 
being a conservative skier or not, and frankly I'm not really sure. I 
suppose more conservative than some and less so than others. I'm not 
as fast as many, but I manage fairly technical lines. Big air for me 
is 8', but I love exposure and steeps. I don't take as tight a line 
in the trees as Marc2, but I don't spend much time on the groomers. 
There is little I won't do at AltaBird. My skiing has changed 
dramatically since moving here.

>I was simply following list posting guidelines.
>#47  When in doubt, blame His Editorship.

There are locals that do that who aren't even list members. I believe 
a failed bill in the Utah legislature this past session was blamed on 
our erstwhile editor.


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