Having studied Magic quite closely in 1992-93 with the idea of putting 
together a group to purchase, I'm quite familiar with the problems there. As 
with many failing businesses from small to large (ex: General Motors), good 
assets are sold off to try to save the core business, even if the core 
business might in itself be failing unalterably. Magic consists of nothing 
but the ski trails with lifts. They own no real estate around the base, all 
that was sold off either as house lots when Hans Thorner developed the Mtn, 
or to condo developments later on. The first lodge on the left (when leaving 
the Mtn - can't recall current name) at some point could have been acquired 
to make an Ascutney-like hotel, but the ownership, after it was condoed than 
shut down, was so unbelieveably confused that it all went to auction, and 
the Mtn had $0 to buy. All the mountain can do is sell food, liquor, and 
lift tickets. They haven't been very successfull at any of these, haven't 
even procured a liquor license! They made a valiant effort this year, making 
good snow on certain trails, but only ended up having a November level trail 
count at President's week.
Sure they own the summit, want to sell wind power, but that's another 
business, and doesn't change the fact that the ski area needs huge 
investment now, and may never be profitable. - Stuart Cole

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> exactly.
> i'm no expert.  but i see magic and i see a need to develop to remain 
> financially afloat.  condos, hotels, lodges, and snowmaking, snowmaking, 
> snowmaking.  also, i'm sure many have noticed many smaller areas catering 
> to the terrain park/hypeskiing- it brings in the bucks from the youth, 
> and, thus, families of southern new england which keep most NE resorts 
> operating generally speaking.
> it can't survive on great terrain only with a good snow season- that 
> doesn't bring the $$$.
> water rights are huge in VT- we all know this. aka stowe pipeline, etc. 
> environmental law is a huge business in VT.  VT school of Law is the best 
> in the field for environmental law, and for a reason- VT is a tough state 
> for environmental law in general.   this is a good thing for sure- i would 
> say.
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