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Subject:      Re: I wish i were wrong and/but/or

i will be skiing well into april, dammit. (Snip) 
-in fact, some of the best turns to be had are pre and post season, <

nmaD straight!

My first and last days are always earned turns and often some of the best
of the season.

I remember a few years back when Jay got 40" on Apr. 30 on a Wed.  I
grabbed a flight that Fri.  It was gloppy by then but so what.  IIRC that
is when I first met Jimski.  There were at least a dozen skivittlers there
that weekend.  

And who remembers the incredible spring of 1996 when Mt. Wash. received
100" in May?  The early June skiing that year was the best I've ever had
on the Rockpile.

So come on!  It's not over til _WE_ say it's over.  Was it over when the
Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?????

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