Strangely enough Whiteface and Gore are up over last year and consistently keep upping their skier visit counts every year.  We had an awesome day at Gore today with Shirley claiming her best day this season.  The grooming was phenomenal on all trails.  The granular was just the best consistency.  We skied continuously all day and I could have kept going another couple of hours.  We had a great time.   Jimski

Evan Osler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
From today's Times Argus:

Warm weather ends Mad River ski season

"Financially this has been the worst winter we've had in 10 years," said Wimble. He reported that pre-season ticket sales were strong, but that compared to this time last year! paid skier visits are down by 20 percent, adding "We are definitely in the red for this year."

Wimble said that Mad River can survive poor ski seasons more easily than other ski areas because of the way the business is operated as a co-op. "The biggest thing that helps us is that we have no debt and a low overhead," said Wimble.

While most ski resorts in Vermont depend on snowmaking operations to provide their customers with a consistent "product," Mad River has made a deliberate decision to remain an old-time ski hill, rejecting modern developments.

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