I was supposed to have a meeting at 10am at Sugarbush and decided to get a few 
runs in beforehand. Everybody knows that the best snow is north of 89 and that the 
coolest places are all north of German Flats Rd, so I did my best to muddle through. 

The Gate was spinning when I got there, but only a few tracks showed on Ripcord. 
After the first person floated by beneath me, I was reaching for the camera. 
Faceshots, powder explosions and whoops of delight began to appear out of the 
cloud. Yummy. 

Ripcord to Spillsville was my choice and it proved worthy. The bumps were a little 
firm underneath, but as mentioned, I muddled through. Knee to thigh deep powder 
helped the process, of course. 

No problems avoiding hydrants either. Funny how those big orange discos really 
make'em easy to see. But I couldn't find any on Spillsville. Where are they? (TF, I am 
still working on the total SB hydrant count. It could take a few more weeks, please 
bear with me.)

There were some snowboarders on the trails too, but they seemed content to give 
me plenty of berth. The snow was very tasty and sharing was easy. I was worried 
about how they would affect the bumps, but what to do? Just muddle through?

I got one more run in before the work bell sounded, and it was pretty okay I guess, 
except some tele-skiers and a snowboarder kept following me and getting the way of 
my photo taking. The snow report said 6" new and I can honestly say that they 
understated the totals, by a lot. I posted some pics at Ttips in the photo section and 
will have more up on the Couloir site tonight. 

If you are offended by Lincoln Peak images, please disregard.

(Sorry I'm so full of sarcasm today. Must be the after-effects of a cold I caught this 


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