Well, call me the whiner, but what I encountered in the usual spots was less than sublime.  The underlying boilerplate bedrock base (courtesy of Roger K) didnt give me much comfort, even with 10-12" of untracked snow on top. Maybe I'm just turning into a wuss in my old age. From the look of D3K's pictures, there was also definitely more snow on the eastern flanks of the mountain.

The lower elevations were dust on just. Just about nothing, that is. TEO and I made the wrong decision and skied the lower trail - dicey and not altogether enjoyable.

I dont want to imply I wasnt thankful for the opportunity to ski and that I didnt enjoy the experience - just saying that for all you phlatlanders making arrangements to ski chest deep powder this weekend, you may be slightly disappointed. Or maybe I should've been using phatter skis.


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