Just the other day I said to myself: "Self, I wish there were a free LAN 
party with cool games that I could attend.  I also wish I didn't have to 
organize it."  And then I got an e-mail from Karthik Raman from the ACM 
chapter at Norwich.

On April 28 from 4PM to 4AM (c'mon, what decent LAN party ends earlier 
than 4AM?) on the Norwich campus they're holding a free LAN party with 
both computer and XBox games (like Halo 2, Madden 2006, Counter Strike, 
Battlefield 2, Unreal Tournament).

Yes, there are prizes.  Yes, there's pizza, soda, chips, and cookies. 
Yes, you're required by law to check out the details on their website

Basically bring your computer and its various bits and pieces down there 
(Google says it takes about an hour; maybe some of you have a better 
sense from personal experience?) and hang out for the night kicking your 
friends' collective butts at the game/s of your choice.

It'd be great to go down with a big group from UVM, and they're sure in 
favor of it.  If you're interested in going and perhaps sharing rides 
and all that fun "mini road trip" stuff, send me an e-mail and we (your 
friendly neighborhood CSSA) can work out those logistics.

Ben Fenster
Computer Science Department
University of Vermont
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