Has anyone posted these events on the University Calendar?  Or 
contacted SGA to include it in their weekly message of events 
happening? Also, has anyone contacted the Sheraton to see if they could 
donate a couple of sheets for use in advertising ?  Thanks for 
everyones help ...seph

Quoting Jessica Velia DeBiasio <[log in to unmask]>:

> hey planeteers,
> so the poster is at the printers and we should get it tomorrow or 
> wednesday.  now im going to need lots of help, help to hang posters, 
> help to email, help to table.
> we have a table reserved in front of the library on wednesday and i 
> have some great sheets painted with earth week slogans that i found 
> with the VSTEP stuff.  if anyone wants to be in charge of this that 
> would rock my world.  so here come sign-up opportunities...
> Wed - 4/12 - 11-2 table in front of library, hang up posters, Monday 
> - 4/17 - hang up posters!, Friday - 4/21 - table set up (9:30-10:30), 
> table take down (3-4pm)
> Saturday - 4/22 - Globalization soccer facilitators, setter-uppers
> email me back with what you can [log in to unmask]
> oh and, when you are promoting your own event, you can include the 
> url to program board website, a more thorough description of events 
> will be on it (soon hopefully),  don't forget to 
> talk about earth week in classes this week, and at meetings, and with 
> your friends, and tell your relatives....
> finally, earth week meeting, before the big week?
> i think its a good idea so i can get you guys some posters.
> send some feedback to the list.  thursday anyone?
> thank you thank you thank you
> -jess DB

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