"DARFUR DIARIES: MESSAGE FROM HOME."                                      Documentary and lecture with filmmaker Jen Marlowe                                                     **THIS THURSDAY APRIL 6TH** 7PM, WILLIAMS 301

"Darfur Diaries" is a remarkable film/lecture program -- with a screening of the documentary film "Darfur Diaries: Message from Home" -- conducted by Jen Marlowe, one of the three filmmakers, followed by a Q&A session.  "Darfur Diaries" gives a first hand account of the current crisis in Darfur, Sudan.  In October and November 2004, after watching woefully inadequate media coverage ont he crisis in Darfur, Sudan, a team of three independent filmmakers trekked to Darfurian refugee camps in eastern Chad and, with the help of the rebel movement, snuck across the border into Darfur.  Aisha Bain, Jen MArlowe, and Adam Shapiro met hundreds of Darfurians.  They interviewed refugees and displaced poeple, civilians and fighters resisting the Sudanese government, teachers, students, parents, children, and community leaders.  The documentary "Darfur Diaries: Message from Home" chronicles the history, hopes, and fears of the people of Darfur and the tragedy they are living.  More on "Darfur Diaries": and 

Jen Marlowe directed and coordinated the program at the Seeds of Peace Center for Coexistence for four years, creating and implementing co-existence programs for hundreds of Palestinian and Israeli youths.  In addition, she was the program director for Seeds of Peace in Afghanistan, and facilitated conflict groups of Indian, Pakistani, Balkan, and Turkish and Greek Cypriot youth.  Jen is currently working on peace-building initiatives in Jerusalem and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Press coverage on Darfur Diaries: 

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