heres the first earth week email, the detailed sched is attached. make sure you haven't already gotten it on a list before you forward it.  i will also be composing an email each day with the next days events.   to forward this with all the pretty font, click compose, select switch to html, and then copy and paste the part of the message you want to forward (ie. not this part).  be sure to attach the excel sheet with all the info tooo,  you can also just click forward and all the info will go along, it will just leave the colors behind...

Celebrate Earth Week (4/16-4/22)

This week is Earth Week at UVM lots of different student clubs have organized events to celebrate th week.  Some highlights include...

Look for the Earth Week poster around campus.  To read more details about all the events check out the attached excel file or go to

Sponsoring clubs include: UVM Program Board, VSTEP, Center for Health and Wellbeing, Center for Sustainable Agriculture, CEL, Debate Team, EcoReps, Family Forests, L/L programs, Outing Club, Student Athletes for Equity, Students for Peace and Global Justice, Students for a Free Tibet, Slade Hall, SPARC, STAND, Students for True Animal Rights, and Student Life.