Hello Sam,

I plan to contribute to the Brecht Forum's fund drive. I'll bring a check on May 6 when I attend the talk by Richard Levins. Consider this my "pledge" ($50).

Cliff Conner

On Apr 27, 2006, at 10:28 AM, Sam Anderson wrote:

Dear Brecht Forum Supporter –

The Political Temperature is RISING!  Are you ready for the long, hot summer? With just $25, the Brecht Forum will be!

As a friend and supporter, you know the Brecht Forum has taken a great leap forward by moving to a new, larger home. Since last summer, you and thousands of others have found your way to our new home and filled up the political classes, discussions, exhibits, and performances.  And thanks to tireless work by many volunteers who helped renovate, you have turned the space into one of our community's most beautiful resources.

But the Brecht Forum has reached a critical moment.  We have to make the space ready for summer!

To Donate- Go To: <>

We need $100,000 to cap the capital campaign.

Then, we can install new, secure windows and doors, and build a proper accessible entranceway.  Most important, it will cover the cost of much-needed air conditioning -- so we can all stay cool, as things heat up over the summer.

If you will contribute just $25, we can install the air conditioning and finish the job.

The season is already heating up –and we don’t mean just the weather.  There is a lot in store --

    * Climate Change: Making the Connections-- the Climate Crisis Coalition will lead a discussion on devastating problem of global warming and other catastrophes such as Katrina.
    * Neues Kabarett is presenting its 2nd Annual Musician's Poetry Night.
    * Dialectical biologist Richard Levins is offering a weekend seminar on Complexity, Chaos & Butterflies, to examine the big failures of recent science and its constriction by politics and economics.
    * Democracy for All: Restoring Immigrant Voting Rights in the U.S. book party with author Ron Hayduk joined by Charles Barron, Aziz Huq Bryan Pu-Folks and Cheryl Wertz.
    * The Black Panthers@40 will be three evenings on the legacy and ongoing impact of the Black Panther Party.
    * Action Wednesdays, launched this Spring for anti-war planning, is developing a major teach-in on Iran. 

Your strong support has gotten us here.   Already, hundreds of dedicated activists have contributed more than $200,000 to get us moved and settled on the west side. Now, all we need is $100,000 to finish the job.

All we ask is $25.  Will you help?  Of course, you can send us less or more -  $10, $15, $50 or $100.  This is all we need, and you’ll have a cool place to come for critical thinking on all the hot issues.


To Donate- Go To: <>

Thanks for your commitment. Together, we’ll keep the heat on all summer!

Sam Anderson- Co-Chair, Brecht Forum Board of Directors

PS: Visit our web for the full listing of our exciting programs
And if you'd rather, you can mail a check directly to The Brecht Forum at 451 West Street, New York, NY 10014