I don’t know about acoustical properties, but if you are just looking for materials to experiment with, what about the ballistics gel that law enforcement agencies use to test effectiveness of different weapons/projectiles?  It should be available as a popular TV show uses it quite a bit in their experiments.


Just an idea.  Have a good weekend all.




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I am trying to help an engineer with a specific question and wondering if anyone out there has experience with this. Kirk?

Terry Case

Objective:  I am looking for a clear transparent rigid material, such as acrylic or polycarbonate, that has the echogenicity / attenuation properties of living tissue (i.e. muscle impedance 1.71 x 10^6 kg/m^2/s).   Currently, my experience with in-vitro vascular models made from acrylic have had very poor echogenic images (scattering and absorption).

Looking forward to your response.

Brett Naglreiter
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