As others have noted, it is difficult to set up scheduled classes 
because of a history of poor turnout, and the need for "just in time" 
learning. Those librarians who are technologically minded might be 
interested in this web presentation:

The presenter is a community college chemistry professor, who 
promotes "screencasting" (versus podcasting). Screencasts contain 
"slides, onscreen examples, and an audio track covering the core 
lecture material." He uses Camtasia (commercial software) to create 
his screencasts. I could easily see such screencasts put together for 
searching PubMed, MD Consult, and many other databases. By creating a 
screencast, there is no need to repeat the tutorial on demand, in 
person or on the telephone, and it is available 24/7.

This presentation is part of a month-long "Higher Ed Blog Con." 
Medlib-l users may want to visit the site during April 10-14, when 
library and information resources are highlighted:


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There has been an alarming increase in the number of things I know 
nothing about.