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The following items were posted to in March:

Poison Pen Bookstore event on Sunday - Part 3
     The guest authors are Jon Talton and Betty Webb...
MLA Hotel Rooms - Part 3
     The third hotel sold out of rooms - now we're on the 4th one
Hospital Library Section Silent Auction
Just HOW HOT will it be???
     It's a dry heat!
Rhythmless city dancing to the beat of a different drum
Knitters or Crafters Coming to Phoenix?
     Some excellent information!
Restaurants Galore
GLBT guide to Phoenix
     List of GLBT-friendly spots
Tea - Phoenician Resort
     A charming venue.
         Afternoons in Phoenix are too hot to go chasing around!
Phoenix Area Libraries Welcome MLA Attendees!
     Libraries that would like to have visitors - email for list.
Hospitality Volunteers Needed!
     No experience or local knowledge needed
Downtown Phoenix is COOL!
     Symphony or science - fun events in Phoenix
WiFi in Phoenix
     The convention center lacks wifi, but cafes and hotels have it

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