I developed a program I call "Interesting Articles" that gets information to
people they would not necessarily see and that gives our journal collection
much more use.  It was originally geared to the nurses but has since
expanded to just about anyone in the hospital.

As the journals come in, I look through the TOC and pick a few articles that
I think would be of interest.  The articles and journals are my choice but
always include anything that covers hospital projects, concerns, etc. The
list usually includes about 30 articles from 10-12 journals.  Once or twice
a month I send the list of these articles in a hospital-wide email telling
staff they can request a copy of any article.  I am only sending a list, not
the article, but I include information on the limits imposed by the
Copyright Law.  I have been doing this for  a year and have seen a 72%
increase in the number of articles requested (from 479 in 2004 to 1720 in
2005.)  I also started a list geared toward the hospital administration last
month.  No figures on this one yet, it's too new.

Yes, this requires some time and does not get bodies 'into' the library, but
the returns have been tremendous.  Not only is our collection getting more
use, but it provides tremendous PR and outreach for the library.  People
stop me in the hallway to thank me for this service.  I even get requests
from the senior administration which means they are noticing the library and
my efforts.

I didn't see the original post but I hope this helps.

Bette Bissonnette
Saints Memorial Medical Center
Lowell, MA

Bette Bissonnette
Manager, Health Sciences Library
Saints Memorial Medical Center
1 Hospital Dr.
Lowell, MA  01844
PH: 978-934-8308
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