I have to say how shocked I am over how fast the snow has melted this
past week.   Higher up there is more snow, but it is melting fast.

Skied the new quad at BV Saturday.  It pretty much rained all day.
Good music in the James Moore.  

Sunday we went to SB North.  It was cold and windy on top.   The rain from
the previous day had made everything on top slick and shiny.
Cliffs was the best run of the day.   

Nobody was skiing Bravo.  So I decided to give it try.  When I ski things
under the chair, that no one is skiing because of the ice, I like to try and
ski them smoothly.  I know I made it look easy, when others ski it right
after me.  I skied it twice, but nobody was biting.   It was survival 

All over, there were huge bare spots that weren't there last week.  There
were deep holes in the snow.   A new covering could make these dangerous.

At both places, I saw small rocks in the snow.  It is like they are floating
to the top.   It is time to put away the good skis and use rock skis for the 
remainder of season.  

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