Well, the big FSC crew went skiing on thursday last week. I was the only 
one who couldn't find a creative way to miss work, so I headed to stowe 
solo on friday.
Did a few runs under the quad to warm up, then did Goat from the top.

Went over to the Gondi side and hiked up the Chin for the first time this 
season, expecting a crowd on a sunny warm day. Hung around looking over the 
edge of the mountain for a half hour, but nobody else I skied a 
solo run down Profanity/long trail/chinclip, complete with a gomerfest 
struggle in the woods when i missed the turn to taft lodge...

Humor highlight was the last run--down Starr at race pace with the 70's 
looking dude who skis stowe everyday. If you ski at stowe, you know who I 
mean. He is who boston bob could be if bob skied hard trails and looked 
like a refugee from "Boggie Nights." Mr. Stowe was on a "monoboard" and he 
and his crazy ski patroller buddy from the 'Loaf kicked my butt down that 
steep mogul filled trail. Just as I caught up with them at the bottom of 
Starr, they set off on a traverse back to National that had us jumping big 
rocks and bare spots. I fell once, lost a basket, but didn't get hurt. 
After that they headed to their coolers and I headed for home with my tail 
between my legs, wondering what it would be like to actually ski every day 
all season year after year, after year...

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