24-36 hours well above freezing in the 50-70F range with dewpoints above 
freezing.  Wedge of higher dewpoints ahead of the front/squall line now in 
the Champlain Valley and west slopes of the Greens.  Highest dewpoint all 
well I've seen at the house in Burlington was about 10 minutes ago at 
52.1F and the temp is 65.7F.  Snow doesn't like to stick around when the 
dewpoint is that far above freezing.  All week long was great for spring 
skiing with low humidity/dewpoints.  Through 1pm look for heavy showers 
and possibly thunderstorms.  So, heavy rainfall, high winds, maybe even 
some hail, and cloud to ground lightning.

Basically, what it all means is that tomorrow I'm going to HAVE to do some 
recon up on the mountain.  Its a tough life but someone needs to get up 
there and see what the damage is ;)


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