Sad news...I feel sad for his poor kid...I had a chance to meet and speak 
briefly with Doug at a ski flix premiere a number of years back at higher 
ground....My impression was he stood out as a real mountaineer among the 
jibbers there that night...

Another thought...obviously no amount of skill and experience is truly 
equal to travelling in avalance terrain over time. Ever since the accident 
at SME in BC that was guided by a tradional conservative Swiss trained 
guide it has been clear to me that humans arrogantly believe that science 
and experience can combine to "predict" where they can ski in avalance 
terrain. Travel enough in exposed situations and eventually you will get 
caught up in a fall or a slide. 

just last night I was thinking about W Walker's post from Utah and his BC 
run up in Little Cottonwood which I had done in the early 90's, and how 
freaky it is to ski and travel in avy terrain...nobody is immune, nobody 
really understands the snow.

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