Probability of Precipitation Friday and Friday night is quite high.  Actual 
amount of precipitation is quite low, especially compared with the last 
36hrs that put down 1.25-2.5" L.E.  It appears as those amounts will stay 
below a half inch in the mountains and below a quarter inch in the 

Precipitation type will be hard to nail down as a frontal boundary will set 
up from west to east across the northeast; the models vary on where this is 
and even the difference of a county or two (north or south) will make a 
difference.  It could set up along the Canadian/US border or it could be 
across the southern Adirondacks into Rutland County and then Augusta, ME.  
Or it could run right along the I-90 corridor.

A ripple of low pressure will move along that and bring a band of light 
precipitation in the form of mtn snow/valley rain north of the front and 
rain at all elevations south of the front.

I hope that makes sense...either way, expect rain everywhere below say 
1,500ft on Friday into Friday night before a change to snow showers on 
Saturday morning at all elevations...and ending before noon.  Some clearing 
is possible Saturday afternoon and temperatures on the mountain should fall 
during Saturday into the upper 20's as H85 -12C cold pool moves through.

So here's the deal:
Friday...rain or snow showers above 2,000ft in northern VT.  No travel 
problems.  Temperatures in the 30's and 40's.

Friday Night...rain or snow showers changing to snow showers overnight. 
Possible accumulations of 1-4" above 2,000ft in far northern Greens and 
northern Adirondacks.  Temperatures in the 20's and 30's.

Saturday...morning flurries end by late morning with some breaks in the 
clouds possible by late afternoon.  Lower elevation temperatures rise into 
the 40's while upper elevations stay in the upper 20's.

Saturday Night...partly cloudy and cold.  Lows in the 15-25F range 
depending on how much clearing takes place.  Maybe a scattered snow shower 
along the Green Mountain spine.

Sunday...Partly cloudy with a chance of snow showers in the morning.  Highs 
of 30-40F from the top down.


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