This list is going to the birds.  Very interesting stuff.  Is it possible the peent version is from the King James English?  Woodcockian indeed.
  The way the rain was coming down this morning I am glad I wasn't skiing, or doing anything else outdoors at the time.   Jimski

David Guertin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Just In Woods wrote:

>2. peen=funny sound that woodcock make
>3. justin=bird geek, amateur geek that is... guertin can correct any of my
>misinformation on birds, i think
Happy to oblige. I believe the correct woodcockian verb is "peent." I
have a 1939 copy of "A Field Guide to the Birds" (2nd ed.) in which this
original translation was codified by Roger Tory Peterson. No one has
deigned to challenge this interpretation until David Sibley interpreted
it as "beent." I've never heard a woodcock say "peen," but then again
there are some funny Vermont accents floating around.

Dave G., I can't believe I'm not skiing

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