The extra hour of evening light had me strolling into the Bolton base area at 5:40pm. Snow accumulations were 0-2" at the base of the access road, perhaps 4-5" at Timberline, and 6-7" at the main base area. Consistency also lightened considerably between the two base areas.

I followed a skin track up under the double (I dont know too many names unfortunately). Took off a layer at its top terminal and noticed the mercury had plunged to 19 deg - from 26 where I parked my car just a few hundred feet of vert below. Winds howling.

I continued up the track, which wound its way up TNT and then wrapped back under the new quad before hitting the patrol shack. There, in a whiteout, I noted two fat boards parked at the entrance. Should've known - you cant ski BV in April without running into at least one Redneck Ripper. He'd already taken 2 runs and was getting ready for his third.

Following his recommendation, I hit Vermont 200 - 7-8" of perfect snow, heavy and wind packed but easy to wiggle in. Where the new snow had bonded (most places) there was no hint of the old substrate.

And so I went back for another, finding the only other person skiing at BV. We went back into the patrol shack to deskin, and decided on Alta Vista (see, now I've got the trailmap open from the website) - excellent choice, more untracked snow on hero pitches. Down TNT, past the old lift terminal, and through the terrain park as dusk turned to dark.

All in all delightful. Winter is back, for a few days at least.

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