I'm no expert, but I know for a fact at our regional ILL meeting we were
told *not* to default to "Mail" option and put a note in to request
PDFs.  Something about accuracy in statistical reporting on Docline, I
think...  Whatever the reason, I took the advice to heart.


My understanding is that when you set up your Docline account as a
lender, if you choose the PDF delivery option you're in the queue for
this delivery form.  If the borrower wants to be assured that s/he will
get a PDF file, the new release allows the requestee to limit to
libraries that deliver by this method.


My question is, why should we have to do this?  If you choose PDF in the
dropdown menu when you make a request, shouldn't the system
automatically apply that limit?  Maybe that's the question initially
being asked in this thread...?  (If so I apologize for the redundancy).


And to jump off on this topic, I'm somewhat unhappy with the Freeshare
piece.  If you want a request to go only to Freeshare libraries you have
to apply the limit for every request.  Sanme with the PDF option.  Maybe
I'm missing something...??  I find the process time-consuming and
inconvenient, and I wish there were a better method.  At the same ILL
meeting I clearly remember that members wanted Freeshare as one of the
check off buttons with NLM and Regional centers...  Alas!


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