Hello Students,

You still have time to complete this survey! Today is the last day of 
exams, and if you are all done, please take a few minutes and run 
through the survey!  We will be analyzing the results this COMING 
Monday. Number crunching at its finest! Can you please add a few more 
numbers for us to crunch?

There's 5 parts of the survey, and you will only fill out the parts that 
are of interest to you.

     General ACCESS survey (everyone fills this out)

     Notetaking Survey (we NEED more of these)
     Exam Proctoring Survey (would like more)
     Disability Impact at UVM Survey (need more responses)
     Kurzweil/E-text Survey (only 6 people filled this out??)

As always, the survey is totally anonymous, and should not take more 
than 7 to 8 minutes to fill them out. C'mon, you know you need a little 
break from all that studying and sun! :)