At 11:33 AM -0400 5/8/06, Richard Harlow wrote:
>Your pictures are great, however you have three that you have 
>identified as a Yellow
>Warbler.  I believe if you look at your references that they are of 
>a Palm Warbler.

Wow.  You mean these ones, right?

I identified that from a pamphlet for Parker River Wildlife refuge 
which has what I was sure is the exact same bird on the cover, 
identifying it as a yellow warbler.  Now that I look more closely and 
check out the Cornell photos, however, I notice the markings on the 
face aren't the same as the Parker River picture and are closer to 
the yellow warbler.

Thank you.  This sort of thing is very helpful to me, though now I 
feel stupid for not bothering to try to get yellow warbler pictures 
yesterday :)

This is what happens when I have nine hundred pictures to go through 
after a long day trip and am trying to identify birds from pictures 
at 5:30am the next morning.

>Keep taking those pictures.

That's my intent, but I have to resist buying a more powerful lens :)

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