A Red Phalarope and Red-necked Phalarope together on small Oxbow Lake.  Seen
this morning.  Reported first by Jeff (or Geoff) McQueen to Bill Shapard.  Bill
phoned me.  Met Bill and family at location around 10.30 am this morning
(Sunday).  Fabulous views.  Both birds in full breeding plumage.  Great
comparisons as they were side by side most of the time.

Location:  Bailey's Eddy, Newbury, VT.  Site Number two on CT River Birding
Trail map.  On route 5,  4.7 miles north of the Oxbow High School iin Bradford.
0.9 miles south of the Newbury-Haverill Bridge Road. There is aan unsigned
access raod to east side of rouutte 5.  Thee is a farm gate that marks the
entrance to the property.  Park outside the gate, please do not block the
access.  Parking is very limited.

Also Green Heron, Eastern Kingbird, Yellow Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Baltimore

John Sutton