I've always had luck with fresh oranges (halved and secured to a small
peg on the top of a porch railing).  

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I need help!! Mundi in Pownal said she's had orioles come to her
finally, after three years. I've been trying for five years, with a
variety of 
feeders that are billed as "irresistible" to orioles. Each spring, I've
orioles nesting in trees right above the feeders but never approaching
to feed. 
This morning, I listened from before five AM until after eight as an
oriole sang 
repeatedly, every few seconds - right near two bright-orange feeders
full of 
fresh sugar water. I've tried nectar feeders, grape jelly and oranges
and, to 
my knowledge, not a single oriole has ever had a single sip, lap, dip
or munch. 
Does anyone have any suggestions? Mundi,   did you move your feeders?
feeders be in the open or near perches or under trees?

Thanks - Maeve Kim, Jericho Center

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