Between 5:30 and 6 pm the phalaropes were not present. We walked all the 
way around the pond, but no shorebirds or waterfowl to be seen... too 
many choices these days! Consolation prizes were singing Warbling Vireo, 
Yellow Warbler, and Baltimore Oriole, along with a Barn Swallow, 
Kingbird, hummer, and phoebes.

Thanks to John for getting the word out!

Doug & Spencer Hardy

JSutton wrote:

>I have just been informed that the phalaropes are still present.  As I pressed
>the 'send' button on my first draft a little prematurely I thought I should
>resend with corrected spellings and 1 or 2 additional comments.
>A Red Phalarope and Red-necked Phalarope together on small Oxbow Lake.  Seen
>Sunday morning and today, Tuesday.  Reported first by Jeff (or Geoff) McQueen to
>Bill Shepard.  Bill
>phoned me.  Rebecca Pfeiffer, my wife and I met Bill and family at location
>around 10.30 am Sunday morning.  We had fabulous views.  Both birds are females
>and in full breeding plumage.  Great
>comparisons as they were side by side most of the time. This is a terrific
>opportunity to see both of these species together.
>Location:  Bailey's Eddy, Newbury, VT.  Site Number two on CT River Birding
>Trail map.  On route 5,  4.7 miles north of the Oxbow High School in Bradford.
>0.9 miles south of the Newbury-Haverhill Bridge Road. There is an unsigned
>access road to east side of route 5.  There is a farm gate that marks the
>entrance to the property.  Park outside the gate, please do not block the
>access.  Parking is very limited.  It is very easy to miss this entrance.  There
>is a break in the tree line and a track that drops down quickly to the right
>(when heading north).  Once off the road there is a birding trail notice next to
>the car parking area.  I would say there is room for three, maybe four cars
>John Sutton


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