Greetings Everyone!

Sorry this is so long....catching up for the last two weeks of bird walks at the Green Mountain Audubon Center. We had a new bird to the Center this morning - an EASTERN TOWHEE! Apparently, Bob Spear and Gale Lawrence have been seeing them up at the Birds of Vermont Museum as well.

Drop in for Migratory Bird Day tomorrow at the Birds of Vermont Museum, co-sponsored with Audubon. Details at:  <> Our next bird walk at the Center is Friday, May 26th at 7 am. Meet on the office porch.

:) Bridget


Location: Green Mountain Audubon Center

Observation date: 5/5/06

Notes: Not a monitoring walk. Covered lower part of upper field near office, then walked to Lookout Rock and back down past the Spear Trail to end up in the parking lot by the Education Barn.

Number of species: 31

Canada Goose X

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker X

Downy Woodpecker X

Hairy Woodpecker X

Pileated Woodpecker X

Least Flycatcher X

Eastern Phoebe X

Great Crested Flycatcher X

Blue-headed Vireo X

Blue Jay X

American Crow X

Common Raven X

Tree Swallow X

Black-capped Chickadee X

Red-breasted Nuthatch X

White-breasted Nuthatch X

Brown Creeper X

Eastern Bluebird X

American Robin X

Chestnut-sided Warbler X

Yellow-rumped Warbler X

Black-throated Green Warbler X

Blackburnian Warbler X

Black-and-white Warbler X

Ovenbird X

White-throated Sparrow X

Common Grackle X

Brown-headed Cowbird X

Purple Finch X

American Goldfinch X

Evening Grosbeak X


Location: Green Mountain Audubon Center

Observation date: 5/12/06

Notes: Female Black-throated Blue foraging in dense brush and on ground. First walk record of an Eastern Towhee!

Number of species: 16

Ruby-throated Hummingbird 1

Pileated Woodpecker 1

Eastern Phoebe 1

Tree Swallow 4

Black-capped Chickadee 2

Tufted Titmouse 1

White-breasted Nuthatch 1

Hermit Thrush 1

Gray Catbird 1

Chestnut-sided Warbler 3

Black-throated Blue Warbler 1

Black-and-white Warbler 2

Ovenbird 4

Common Yellowthroat 1

Eastern Towhee 1

American Goldfinch 4


Location: Green Mountain Audubon Center

Observation date: 5/12/06

Notes: Peeper Pond loop. Overcast with chance of rain

Number of species: 12

Eastern Kingbird 1

American Crow 1

Tree Swallow 16

Black-capped Chickadee 1

American Robin 3

Yellow Warbler 3

Black-throated Green Warbler 1

Common Yellowthroat 2

Song Sparrow 1

Northern Cardinal 1

Red-winged Blackbird 9

American Goldfinch 6

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