New England Job Development Training Program

Learn the Latest Techniques for Job Development
Increase Your Placement and Retention Rates
Fall 2006 - Spring 2007

Sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Boston Graduate College 
of Education and the Institute for Community Inclusion

The Institute for Community Inclusion and the University of 
Massachusetts Boston are recruiting students for the 2006-2007 New 
England Job Development Training Program (NEJDTP).

This two-semester program teaches innovative approaches to job 
development and customized employment including person-centered 
career planning, networking, business partnerships, accommodations, 
customized employment, and system integration. It combines 
coursework, fieldwork, distance learning, and contact with an 
experienced mentor. Students practice what they learn by using the 
strategies at their own agencies.
After completing the program, students will be able to:

-Develop a customized approach to job placement for job seekers

-Understand the employment perspectives of job seekers, families, 
funders, and business

-Facilitate comprehensive career planning for job seekers with disabilities

-Develop a customized strategy to meet business needs through 
organizational assessment and relationship-building

-Teach networking skills to job seekers and empower them to take 
control of their job search

-Market the abilities of job seekers, negotiate with employers, and 
facilitate a successful job match and placement

-Find and use community resources concerning benefits, legal rights, 
accommodations, and public systems

This program is made possible through a federal Rehabilitation 
Services Administration (RSA) long-term training grant.

Potential Students
Job coaches, job developers, employment specialists, vocational 
rehabilitation counselors, and middle-management employment 
professionals. The program teaches to a bachelor's or master's 
education level.

This program will be offered in southern New Hampshire this academic 
year, although students from all New England states are encouraged to 
apply. Online electives reduce travel. In subsequent years the 
program will rotate throughout other New England states.

A significant portion of the program cost is subsidized by the RSA 
grant. Students earn an academic certificate from the University of 
Massachusetts Boston. Graduate credit is also available for a small 
fee. See details below.

-Orientation, seminar, and graduation (3 days)
-Required workshops (8 days)
-Electives (4 workshops either in-person or online)
-Monthly meetings with local mentor (2 hours per month)
-Professional development assignments (monthly)
-Job placement (2 job seekers placed in community jobs)
-RSA scholarship payback (2-year commitment to working in the 
rehabilitation field)

For details and an application form, see

Applications must be received by July 14, 2006.

Project director: Cindy Thomas
Project contact: Drew Glazier

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