June 7, 2006

Hi All,

As you know we have been having monthly conference calls to discuss JOBS topics and to stay up to date with each other.  We still want to continue these calls if you are interested.  Many of you have said the calls are helpful.  However, we have decided not to schedule any over the summer because there are numerous activities during this time, including vacations, which make scheduling difficult for most people.   At the JOBS Retreat (scheduled for the end of July or early August) we can discuss the content of the conference calls and how to best meet your needs.  We regret that we were not always able to accommodate everyone's schedule, but perhaps we can discuss the call time again.  If there is enough interest, we will resume the calls starting in September 2006.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the calls.  We look forward to
hearing your input. 

Take care,